Last Site Update: 18 January 2010


Installing ESP Lite

  • Requirements
    • Download the GWAP_API_example and unpack it somewhere on your hard disk.
    • Windows or Linux OS are recommanded.
    • Make sure you have the latest JAVA Development Kit (JDK), MySQL and Adobe Flash CS installed.
    • Reserve an available port for ESP Lite server.
  • Database Setting
    • Suitable JDBC driver (mysql-connector-java-*.jar) is required for implementation of GWAP API and it is included in the package. Be sure to have it correctly added on the classpath.
    • It is also required to set the private attributes correctly for connection to the database. (Note: "mysqlaccount", "mysqldatabase", "mysqlhost", "mysqlpassword", and "imagehost" in are attributes required for connection)
    • For more detail about database structure, please see: Database Structure of GWAP API
  • General Setting
    • Assign a specific server port at if it is necessary (default: 56779)
    • Make sure that you have the server IP and port number (in client.swf) that matches the GWAP server
  • Policy File Seting
    • Flash Player will not make a socket connection directly to a server without first obtaining explicit permission from that server. Therefore, you may need to start a policy file server ( on the the ESP Lite server.
    • "crossdomain.xml" is required in this process and you can also find it in the ESP Lite Example package . Make sure you put it in the parent direcytory and configure the server to listen on a specific port. (Port # binded by default, ESP Lite:5000 or Adobe:843 )
    • Please see: