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     extended byHumanComputation.GWAP.Log
   public abstract class Log
   extends java.lang.Object

This class represents the log system of a GWAP system.


  • Log

    public Log() Creates an empty log system.


getBufferedWriter ( )
Get the buffered writer.
protected voidsetBufferedWriter ( bw)
Set the buffered writer.
abstract voidwrite (java.lang.String s)
Write a string to log file.
abstract voidwriteLine (java.lang.String s)
Write a line to log file.

Method Detail

  • getBufferedWriter

    protected final getBufferedWriter()

    Get the buffered writer. (This method cannot be overridden.)

      Return -
      the bubbered writer of this log system


  • setBufferedWriter

    protected final void setBufferedWriter( bw)

    Set the buffer writer. (This method must be overridden.)

      Parameter -
      bw - a buffered writer.


  • write

    public abstract void write(java.lang.String s)

    Write the string s to log file. (This method must be overridden.)

      Parameters -
      s - the string will be written to log file


  • writeLine

    public abstract void writeLine(java.lang.String s)

    Write a line s to log file (This method must be overridden.)

      Parameter -
      s - the string that will be written to log file