Last Site Update: 18 January 2010


The Games With A Purpose (GWAP) genre is a type of Human Computation that outsources certain steps of the computational process to humans. By taking advantage of people's desire to be entertained and exploiting "human cycles" in computation, GWAP attracts people to play voluntarily, and also produce useful metadata as a by-product. The games have shown promise in solving a variety of problems, such as image annotation and commonsense reasoning, which computer computation has been unable to resolve completely thus far.

The objectives of this project are 1) to provide a generic API framework to facilitate the development of future GWAP systems; 2) to provide a number of example source codes demonstrating how to build a GWAP system based on this API framework; and 3) to collect GWAP traces and make the dataset publicly available to the research community.

This work was supported by the National Science Council of Taiwan under grant number NSC 98-2631-H-001-013, and NSC 98-2221-E-001-014-MY3.